Board of Directors

Officers and new members of the Board of Directors are elected at our Annual Meeting in August or September.

Officers serve one year terms. Board Members serve three year terms. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. We welcome volunteers at any time of the year.

Historic Flat Rock Officers 2016-2017

Chris Battista

Immediate Past President
Bill Humleker


1st Vice President
Victoria Flanagan

2nd Vice President
Bay Chamberlain


Bill Rushton

Ruth Reeves

Historic Flat Rock Board Members 2016-2017

Clyde Allen
Connie Backlund
Chris Battista
Larry Blair
Cam Boyd
Marv Seibold
Michael Thompson

Bay Chamberlain
Ron Davis
Victoria Flanagan
Beverly Stoney-Johnson
Maria Johnson
Sonja Waddell
Bill Walker

Jim Kessaris
Susan MacDonald
Hunter Marks
Millie McCandless
Frank McGlashan
Nick Weedman

Joe Oppermann
Ruth Reeves
Galen Reuther
Betty Roemer
Bill Rushton

Historic Flat Rock Honorary Board Members

Cam Boyd
David Dethero


Tom Dunn
Adele Grimball


Rick Merrill
Dick Stanland