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Thank you for being a member of Historic Flat Rock, Inc. (HFR). If not yet a member we encourage you to join. It is a new year for membership renewal for all membership categories except “Life Members”. It is early in the year, and we are delighted that many of our members have already renewed their Individual, Couple or Business Memberships. Thank you to those who have renewed in 2020!

The categories for membership are: Individual ($40), Couple ($60), Life ($500), Business ($100), Business Life ($500) and Community Partners (No Cost).

The Business Life Category is new, and two businesses have elected to join this category. Both believe it is a value, and easier than paying every year.

If you have received a renewal via an email, you will notice that “Joined Date” is 2018. Most of us joined years or decades before 2018. There was no “Joined Date” on the original membership listing. When you renew, and if you wish, please provide the approximate year you joined, and we will update it.

To clarify how to renew:

Many find it convenient to mail a check to HFR Inc., P.O. Box 295, Flat Rock, NC 28731. If you do so, no need to add a note unless your address, phone number or email has changed. If you do NOT want to be listed in the directory, let us know of your wishes.

If you prefer, you can pay online – you’ll be receiving an email invoice with an easy button to click and pay! You can also pay by credit card or call the HFR Inc. cell phone and pay over the phone with a credit card. That number is 828-974-4242.


Please consider becoming involved in
HFR Volunteer Activities in 2020

To volunteer in the Cultural Center, please email Susan Gregory at She is busy thinking about how to make the Cultural Center/Museum a desirable “stop” for people when it reopens in 2020. She welcomes suggestions regarding hours to capture the attention of visitors and local residents.

The Cultural Center/Museum is for the community to enjoy. In the summer of 2019, we began hosting The Order of the Quill Writers – The Lost Playwrights. They will continue to meet with us in 2020. Do you aspire to start a writing group, a reading group, or have another idea? Remember: the Cultural Center/Museum space is for the greater good of our community. Want to lead a story group on history for children on a Saturday? Have a talent to share? Let us know!

In 2019 the landscape surrounding the Cultural Center/Museum was maintained by J.B. Drake. With the loss of J.B. in January please contact me if you have interest in the landscape at the Cultural Center/Museum.

Also contact me to volunteer at The Preserve and Bird Sanctuary: or call 828-974-4242.


Earth Day

In celebration of community involvement on the 50th anniversary of Earth Day 2020 Wednesday April 22nd join us at the Preserve and Bird Sanctuary from Noon-3pm. We will work side by side to trim, weed and clean up trails. This is a day to show our respect for the natural world.

The Flat Rock Cookbook effort is being spearheaded by Missy Schenck. Thank you to those who have already sent in recipes to myself or to Missy. If you have not submitted a favorite low-country family recipe please email the recipe and the story behind it to Missy and her daughter Jane are creative, and we are lucky to have their expertise for organizing and printing such a book. We are Flat Rock, so naturally we need a “story” to accompany the recipe – perhaps who made it, where it was presented, the importance of certain ingredients, or a special family gathering when it was served. The memory of the food is very key to this publication.


Preservation Benefit this Summer

HFR is planning a “Preservation Benefit” June 6, 2020 at SKY TOP. Volunteer opportunities are available. Please contact Susan MacDonald to volunteer at

HFR is grateful for your continued support as members and encourages you to invite a friend, your favorite business, and most certainly a family member to join us as members in 2020.


Victoria Flanagan,
President HFR Inc.

Historic Flat Rock, Inc.

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“Flat Rock lies in a pocket of history, weaving a recollection of the Great Cherokee tribe, pioneers, and Charlestonians into a pattern uniquely her own”
– Louise Howe Bailey

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