Tickets can be purchased at the Cultural Center/Museum on July 21 from 8:30am-1pm in the Historic Flat Rock Old Post Office located on Greenville Hwy next to the Flat Rock Village Hall.
(Parking is available at the Flat Rock Village Hall.)

Additionally, starting at 10am on July 21, tickets will be available at each tour location.

Tickets are $35.00 if purchased in advance, and $40.00 when purchased at any of the homes on tour day.


The tour features MOUNTAIN LODGE c1827, Beaumont c1839 and Saluda Cottages c1836. All three homes and properties are beautiful examples of the estates built by Charlestonians in the early 19th century while establishing Flat Rock as their summer enclave.  Flat Rock would become known as “The Little Charleston of the Mountains.”   Through the efforts of Historic Flat Rock Inc, in 1973  the United States Department of the Interior placed on the National Register of Historic Places Flat Rock, 4000 acres encompassing 6.25 square miles.  This designation is the largest  in the State of North Carolina and further recognized by the North Carolina and the State Historic Preservation Office.

The roads you are driving down were originally put in place  in the early 1820’s and many historical gardens and plantings are along them.  Also remember to stop by the Old Post Office Building c 1847, located at the Flat Rock Village Center  which is home to the Historic Flat Rock, Inc. Cultural Center and Museum.

Homes open at 10:00AM and will close at 4:00PM. We strongly suggest you begin the tour prior to 1:00PM in order to visit all three stops. The houses are not handicapped accessible, and we ask visitors to wear flat-heeled, comfortable shoes, both to protect the original floors inside the homes and for visitor comfort while walking on uneven terrain. No children under 10 are allowed on the tour.

TICKETS are $35.00 if purchased in advance, and $40.00 when purchased at any of the homes on tour day.


Parking is available at each house, and carpool parking is available at the Flat Rock NC Village Hall.
Home tours are not Handicapped Accessible.
No children under 10.