Many of our Community Partners, members, and property owners have volunteered their time, energy and talents in 2019 to support the mission of  HFR, Inc. This is the time of year to show our appreciation  and give a hearty thank you.

Let’s thank those who opened their gardens June 21 and 22  for the first Historic Flat Rock, Inc. “Historic Garden Tour and Preservation Benefit”.

Marty Whaley Adams Cornwell and Charles Cornwell- Elliott Place

Dr. John and Gerri Critokos- The Delicate Forest

Bob and Lori Harrison- Saluda Cottages

The Hill Stone Arboretum- Matt and Tim Nichols “ Mr. Maple”

Dennis and Victoria  Flanagan- Hopewood

The Lowndes House Gardens at The Flat Rock Playhouse

At Hopewood during all events guests were able to visit with and learn from our Community Partners and Garden experts along with visiting vendors;

ACE Hardware, Epperson Tree and Plant Healthcare,  Larry Smith- Historical Birdhouses, Raymond’s Nursery, Robert Blackwood- Blacksmith, Bee City USA, Emergency Responders- Flat Rock,  Carolina Native Nursery ( Burnsville ) and The North Carolina State Extension Master Gardener Program.

Let’s thank the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to plan the event. This includes preparing the gardens; attending organizational meetings; creating a logistics plan; scheduling transportation;  renting tents, tables and party ware; Providing culinary guidance; preparing food; securing donations of food- from The Flat Rock Village Bakery and Fresh Market; hiring bartenders; using a drone to create a parking lot outline at Hopewood for cars; securing sponsorships and donations for a silent auction; providing floral arrangements in mason jars decorated for a garden event; establishing the first ‘ticketless’ event for HFR, Inc.; creating Constant Contact emails and facebook posts to create enthusiasm for the event;  and at the end- clean up and writing thank you letters.

Tamsin Allpress and the master  gardeners at the Flat Rock Playhouse, Connie Backlund, Bartlett Tree Experts, Chris Battista, Victor Behoriam, Georgia Bonesteel, Peggy Brann, Joe Bright, Joyce Bright,  Eliza Cleveland, Jan Cohoon, Carol Conley, Charles Cornwell, Marty Cornwell, Mike Covell, Gerri Critokos, Mickey Derr, David Dethero, Preston Dyar, Terry Enslen, J.B. Drake, Sally Drake, Julie Epperson, Dale Epperson, Paul Feraldi, Dennis Flanagan, Victoria Flanagan, Sara Gagan, Ruth Gregory, Susan Gregory, Janet Hancock, Bob Harrison, Lori Harrison, Bill Hyatt, Laverne Hyatt, Lauren Hilan, Majorie Huffine, Beverly Stoney Johnson, Vicki Kitahara, Kelton Lastein, Louaine Leisching, Carolyn Maloy, Dennis Maloy, Hunter Marks,  Millie McCandless, Chris McDonnell, M.J. McDonnell, Darlene Miller, Justin Morrow, Al Neve, Eric Oursler, Steve Pettis, Jamie Rhodes, Phyllis Rogers, Jean Ann Rushton, Linda Sizemore, David Summey, Keith Summey, Sarah Summey, Tasha  Summey, Mary Frances Steiner, George Tennille, Deborah Waggoner, Rick Waggoner and Nick Weedman.

As an organization we are committed to integrity as a guiding principal in all tasks we undertake with community partners, donors, and volunteers.

On behalf of myself and the entire membership, we say thank you !

Victoria Flanagan, President
Historic Flat Rock, Inc.