Let’s Cultivate Curiosity

Bartram R. Bear represents three generations of the “First Family of Botany in America”.  The botany movement consisted of farmers, politicians, and explorers who were passionate about native plants.  The function of illustration and written classifications of trees and flora led the Bartrams to identify and classify over 1800 plant species. John Bartram created the first seed and plant shipping enterprise from America to England and Europe.  William Bartram, his son, was an explorer and illustrator whose writing focused on plants and the people he encountered. William became the instructor for his niece Ann Bartram Carr who continued in the family tradition. Let’s remember- William walked throughout the ‘Blue Ridge’ where he was introduced to Flat Rock.

The nineteenth year of Bearfootin’ Art Walk bears will be revealed to the public on May 13th at 5 pm. On May 14th the bears will get cozy in their spots along Main Street Hendersonville. The reveal event will be live-streamed from the Downtown Hendersonville Facebook page.

Name: Bartram R. Bear

Sponsor: Dames de Jardin—

Artist: Rob Ashley—Asheville Artisans, LTD.

Non-Profit: Historic Flat Rock, Inc.

Bartram R. Bear Historic Flat Rock, Inc.
Bartram R. Bear Historic Flat Rock
Bartram R. Bear

Bartram R. Bear can be enjoyed on Main Street in Hendersonville, NC after May 13, 2021