On Friday June 09, 2017, Historic Flat Rock, Inc. participated in the Fifth Grade Graduation at Hillandale Elementary School in Flat Rock.

The fifteen students researched properties that represent the first estates in Flat Rock. They were able to visit St. John in the Wilderness Church and Hopewood. The students, working in groups, did brief slide shows for Beaumont, Saluda Cottages, Mountain Lodge, and Chanteloup.

The mayor of Flat Rock,  Bob Staton,  introduced the ‘research club’ to Georgia Bonesteel’s  quilt that is prominently displayed on a wall in a meeting room at The Village of Flat Rock office. The students choose their projects from the quilted images.

The graduates were recognized individually by Historic Flat Rock, Inc. They were given certificates by Victoria Flanagan, and their teacher Lynn Savage.

This program will continue for the 2017-2018 school year, with the goal to have student memberships in HFR, Inc.;  increase the number of field trips; and to present an educational award for one project.