FLAT ROCK — Lovers of history celebrated the county’s latest effort to preserve the past with the official opening of the Historic Flat Rock Cultural Center and Museum on Saturday, June 3. The Cultural Center contains relics of Flat Rock that have been in the hands of many generations of locals as well as artifacts from tourists who visited Flat Rock in the summers. Donations to the Museum can be from anyone from anywhere, said Victoria Flanagan, the vice president of the Historic Flat Rock Inc. As long as the artifact has ties to the Flat Rock community or its residents, it can find a home in the museum. “I’m the person who oversaw the refurbishing of this building,” Flanagan said. “This is the original post office for Flat Rock. Historic Flat Rock Inc. has been a nonprofit since 1968, so next year will be our 50th anniversary, which is a big deal. Our mission is to preserve and protect not just buildings in Flat Rock, but landscape monuments. We do historic easements on properties as well. Most of it is to protect the land, so that it can go to the future generation.”…Read more.

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