The long awaited Historic Flat Rock documentary film, “To Protect and To Preserve: Historic Flat Rock’s Legacy to Keep,” is now available!

You may watch the “trailer” above and Rent the entire 2 hour documentary below! Your Rental is a valuable donation in support of the Historic Flat Rock Inc. mission to Protect and Preserve.

The story began thousands of years ago – The Cherokee and Catawba traded plants and medicinal remedies at ‘The Flat Rock’. In light of further evidence being available interpretations of the past continue to grow and strengthen what is known as the American Story.

The film depicts a slice of this history. The story begins with the Cherokee, the early settlers who received Revolutionary War land grants building roads and commerce, and seasonal residents who came to the mountains for health reasons and brought enslaved people. Others came to expand their wealth and traveled from southern coastal areas and Philadelphia.

It unfolds why Historic Flat Rock Inc. was founded in 1968 and explains its efforts to protect and preserve the history of Flat Rock. Those efforts led to the creation of the largest historical district in North Carolina, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The importance of preservation easements come to life in the segment entitled “The Wakening of Mountain Lodge”.

You can view the documentary in the comfort and safety of your own homes.

~Your Rental is a valuable donation in support of the Historic Flat Rock Inc. mission to Protect and Preserve~

24-hour Streaming Rental
$25 Donation

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HFR Inc. is a 501 (c)3 not for profit organization. Federal Tax ID 23-7003502

Thank you to One Life, One Legacy Films Directors and Producers, Patricia Bradley and Michelle Mullen for their diligence in accomplishing this amazing production.

We also recognize and thank Victoria and Dennis Flanagan, Executive Producers, for providing significant funding for the project and production support.

Thank you to all volunteer participants and to the owners of the locations featured in the documentary.

Tips on the best ways to watch the Historic Flat Rock Documentary “Legends to Keep” on a larger screen

Using a laptop or a PC which has an HDMI plug
This solution is simply making your television a monitor for the laptop/PC by connecting the computer to the TV using an HDMI cable – all you need to make this happen is the HDMI cable!

Once you have the two devices connected, change the input source on the TV to the HDMI port. This is the connection to your laptop/PC. Now you will see your computer screen on your TV. Play the video using Vimeo link to stream. Or if you purchased the film you can download the film to your device and play it using any video player.

Using AirPlay on iPhone, iPad, or any Apple Device
One of the great capabilities of Apple devices is wireless screen mirroring, known as AirPlay. To access this capability, go to
the upper right-hand corner of your iPhone, iPad, or apple computer. Use your finger touch the screen and pull down to open an additional options menu. Several functions and controls are available, and what you are looking for is an icon which shows two screens overlapping each other. Tap that icon and it automatically searches for devices connected to your home Wi-Fi network which support AirPlay – smart TVs or even a streaming device like Roku. Select the device you want to “Airplay” and your Apple device will initiate the connection. Once that is complete your Apple device screen will appear on the screen you selected for AirPlay. Go to Vimeo on your Apple device and start the HFR Documentary which will now play on the AirPlay connected device.

Use a PC/Android Device? No problem!
This is also doable on PC/Android devices using mirroring, the more popular being “Google Casting” or another 3rd party streaming sync application. Here are more details on that:

Watching the HFR Documentary using either option gives you the experience of seeing it on a large screen. Enjoy and we do look forward to when we can show “Legends to Keep” on an even larger screen together.