Heritage Tree Program

Following the example of Hendersonville and their program to recognize “Heritage Trees” within the city limits, HFR, Inc. has implemented a similar program for heritage tree specimens within the Village of Flat Rock. In May 2016, Hendersonville Tree Board agreed to allow HFR, Inc. to use the term “Heritage Tree”.


A Heritage Tree is defined as a tree which has:

Reached its mature growth.
Has significant historic value to the community.
Is a rare species or provides a habitat for rare species of plants, animals or birds

These trees are as much a reflection of the history of Flat Rock, as are the homes built and found here. As part of the HFR, Inc. mission statement, it is only appropriate that we begin to document where these heritage trees are located and begin a process of photographing and preserving images of them. Not only should the beauty of these heritage trees be documented as we would find them in the summer months but photographed throughout the seasons.

The Flat Rock Historic District as documented within the National Register of Historic Places includes not just the historic homes but the cultural landscapes associated with them. This includes the land on which homes are built, the trees and gardens, and the settings created by their owners.

The Village of Flat Rock welcomes us in these efforts. HFR is aware that there is a Village of Flat Rock “ Tree ordinance”. This is not, nor will it ever be in conflict with the ordinance, which precedes a Heritage Tree designation.