When doing your shopping at Amazon, the “History Geeks” at Historic Flat Rock, Inc. encourage you to use the Historic Flat Rock, Inc. “Amazon Smiles” account.

How do we all do this, and why does it matter? When shopping at Amazon, go to smile.amazon.com instead of the the normal front page of amazon. When you first log in to Amazon Smile, you must go to your account and choose your charity. You do this simply by clicking on “Accounts and Lists” at the top right under your name and then clicking “Change your Charity”. This will display a search bar which says: “Or pick your own charitable organization”.  Enter Historic Flat Rock, Inc. You will see us listed.

Click that and you are all set.

This is another way to make a difference locally by giving to an all volunteer organization!

Thank you for your support,

Victoria Flanagan
President HFR, Inc.