Join us in thanking the volunteers who maintain the Old post Office Building, the landscaping around it, and the interior space.

In 2019 J.B. Drake became a NC Master Gardener. He did this as a gift to HFR, Inc. For all who drive Greenville Highway you may have spotted him trimming bushes, pulling weeds, adding spots of color, watering plantings, and creating a landscape for all to enjoy. He also “planted” the HFR Inc. Little Lending Library House on the north side of the building. This is a lending library for children, with donated books, managed by Ella Oursler, head librarian.

During the summer the Cultural Center/Museum was open on many Thursday afternoons and all Saturday afternoons. Susan Gregory led the volunteers as she expertly scheduled time slots and created a protocol for opening and closing. Thank you to all of the volunteers who welcomed visitors and gave educational information to the public:

Joe Bright, Joyce Bright, Mickey Derr, Victoria Flanagan, Susan Gregory, Lauren Hilan, Chris McDonnell, M.J. McDonnell and Lori Smythe.

Susan Gregory is currently planning how the interior will look in 2020 to keep exhibits fresh and inviting. Please join us in 2020 from May- September as a volunteer. Please email Susan Gregory at to join the volunteer list for 2020.

Thank you,

Victoria Flanagan,
President HFR, Inc.